This week at O-Cinema!

O Cinema 2.0 : Bigger, Better, & Brighter.
A Note from O Cinema’s Co-Founders
People say that time-flies when you’re having fun and it sure is true. It’s hard to believe that this weekend marks our 3 year anniversary of opening our doors at O Cinema Wynwood.  What a sheer joy it has been to be able to bring so many wonderful films to Miami, most of which would have not been shown here otherwise.
With the support of the community and organizations like the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation we’ve been able to convert an old warehouse into what the Miami Herald has called “one of Miami’s coolest hangouts for fans of eclectic films.”  This weekend it gets even cooler.
Thanks to the generous support of the Knight Foundation through their Knight Arts Challenge Grant, O Cinema has undergone significant renovations to our Wynwood theater amounting to a complete Audio Visual overhaul.   We have installed industry-standard 2K digital projection that is three times as brighter and powerful as our previous equipment, a brand new screen that is double the size of what we use to have, a 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound system and we’ve more than doubled our seating. What does this mean you ask?  It means that O Cinema has gotten a lot better!
It also means that we’ll have access to larger studio films and will be showing more of the type of independent films you love and want to see at O Cinema along with the smaller harder to find gems that we all so love.  In the coming months this means new films from Lars Von Trier, Errol Morris, and more.   We inaugurate our revamped projection with Godfrey Reggio’s stunning VISITORS.  Presented by Steven Soderbergh and featuring a gorgeous score by Phillip Glass, Visitors is a breathtaking dialogue-free visceral journey that comes alive on the screen.   If you are a fan of unique cinematic experiences then this film, which the New York Times has called “Transfixing” is for you.  We’re proud to present it in it’s Exclusive South Florida theatrical engagement.
Of course it goes without saying that this type of renovations is expensive and would not be possible without everyones support.  Help match the Knight Foundations Matching Grant by making a donation today- for each dollar you give we get one from the Knight Foundation, all of which are going toward the costs of these improvements.  You can donate quickly and easily here.

There is more great stuff to come in 2014 and we can’t wait to be able to share them with you.  In the meantime, we hope to see you at the movies and incase you’ve lost your way- our nifty new sign will make us easier to find.
Kareem & Vivian
Steven Soderbergh presents
Exclusive South Florida Theatrical Engagement


Thirty years after his seminal ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ exploded onto art house screens around the world, Godfrey Reggio once again leapfrogs over earth-bound filmmakers and creates another stunning, wordless portrait of modern life.

Presented by Steven Soderbergh in glorious Black and White and presented at O Cinema in pristine digital 2K projection and 7.1 surround sound,  VISITORSreveals humanity’s trancelike relationship with technology, which, when commandeered by extreme emotional states, produces massive effects far beyond the human species.

The film is visceral, offering the audience an experience beyond information about the moment in which we live. Comprised of only seventy-four shots, VISITORStakes viewers on a journey to the moon and back to confront them with themselves.

Brought to life by stunning cinematography and a breathtaking score by Phillip Glass, Visitors is unlike any film you’ve seen before.

 Presented in stunning 2K digital projection and Dolby 7.1 surround sound



Read The New York Times rave review here


“The word for the film is transfixing” 

– The New York Times

 “dialogue-free juxtaposition of visceral imagery, time-lapse photography and mesmerizing Philip Glass music” – Variety


“Entrancing images will awe” 

– Hollywood Reporter


Thurs, Feb 20th @ 9pm

Fri, Feb 21st @ 9pm

Sat, Feb 22nd @ 7pm & 9pm

Sun, Feb 23rd @ 7pm & 9pm


The theatrical release of The OSCAR® Nominated Short Films has met enthusiastic audiences ever since its launch 8 years ago giving people around the world an opportunity to see the nominated films prior to the OSCAR® Awards ceremony on March 2nd.


One of these five stellar films will go on to win Academy Award in a few weeks but before that happens you have the opportunity to see all the nominated films on the big screen.


Due to the length of the films, the documentary shorts are presented in two parts- each requiring an individual ticket.

Part 1


THE LADY IN NUMBER 6: MUSIC SAVED MY LIFE At 109, Alice Herz Sommer is the world’s oldest pianist…and its oldest Holocaust survivor.

At the heart of her remarkable story of courage

and endurance is her passion for music.
Directed by Malcolm Clarke and Nicholas Reed.


When protesters in Yemen added their voices to those of other nations during the Arab Spring, the government responded with an attack that left 53 people dead and inspired widespread sympathy throughout the country. Directed b Sara Ishaq.


As a gay 13-year-old, Matthew Boger endured a savage beating at the hands of a group of neo-Nazis. Twenty-five years later, he meets one of them again by chance.  Directed by Jason Cohen.


Part 2



New Mexico environmental sculptor Ra Paulette carves elaborately designed and painstakingly executed sandstone caves, driven by an artistic vision that often brings him into conflict with his patrons. Directed by Jeffrey Karoff.



In a maximum security prison, the terminally ill Jack Hall faces his final days with the assistance of hospice care provided by workers drawn from the prison population.  Directed by Edgar Barens.



Thurs, Feb 20th @ 5pm
Fri, Feb 21st @ 5pm
Sat, Feb 22nd @ 3pm
Sun, Feb 23rd @ 3pm
Thurs, Feb 20th @ 7pm
Fri, Feb 21st @ 7pm
Sat, Feb 22nd @ 5pm
Sun, Feb 23rd @ 5pm