The Brisky Gallery in Wynwood!

Article and Photos by Ashley Pineiro

Brisky Gallery, located at 130 NW 24th Street in Wynwood, is a newer, cutting edge gallery that opened in 2012. This gallery shows local, as well as international and national artists. Director of the gallery, Luis, explained to me that he does not limit his gallery to any one genre of art. He had much to share regarding artists seeking gallery representation. In the gallery, there are instillations, sculptures, street art, paintings, and photographs! The last show held at Brisky Gallery was for Art Basel, which featured a lot of street art and fine artists who also do murals.


Currently, in the gallery, there are a variety of works, abstract pieces, a video installation, an installation by Tatiana Blanco called “Hanging Girl”. Luis looks for artists who’s works fit what they are doing there. He has to like it, the aesthetics are most important. It has also has to have relevance to contemporary art and whats going on in the world now.


Luis feels that the artist’s role in today’s society is to express what the general public is feeling and not really saying; in all aspects. They put visuals and feelings out there for the world to see; artists can make an impact and a statement with things going on in the world, sharing ideas, “artists say what the people don’t say” they are daring, brave, and courageous for putting these things out there that people may not have thought of and can strike an audience with.


Artists want to showcase and have a platform where the art can be seen by people from around the world and Wynwood does have the eyes of the art world looking at it right now. This is the neighborhood you want to have your work in. Theres no neighborhood as big as this one as far as concentrated galleries and street art and murals outside. It’s a big movement going on in art right now, it’s important to be here and be involved with that as well.


A piece by Abstrk (Above)


The hours of Brisky Gallery are 11:00pm-6:00pm Tuesday – Saturday, and Monday by appointment

The Brisky Gallery’s next event is planed for mid April, however they are still formulating the show.

Be sure to stop by during Art Walk!

For more information about Brisky Gallery, please visit