The Social Lubricant Lounge (TSL) in Wynwood!

Article and Photos by Ashley Pineiro

The Social Lubricant Lounge in Wynwood, (TSL) is a hidden gem, located at 167 NW 23rd street, before The Butcher Shop. This lounge is here to give the neighborhood a classy place with a chill vibe, without expensive prices. Owner, Mark, explained how positivity was key to making his club come alive.


Mark feels that Wynwood is pushing the envelope, and you can get away with more here. Since Mark always was into the arts, and had stayed in Soho, New York; when he saw what David Lombardi and the Goldmans were doing in this neighborhood, he knew he needed to locate here.


TSL hosts many different events throughout the week. A newer event, on Wednesdays called “Words and Wine”, is an open mic event. There are live dance events on Friday, where there is house and electronic music. The neighborhood’s “You and I are love”, which showcases local and new artists, hold events here. Second Saturday, they get packed during Art Walk, which also hosts live artists. On Sundays, with their new hours, they will also host house and electronic music.


For the future, they hope to continue their Full Moon party event, which was a huge success at TSL this month. Mark described it as a “very throw back to the 60’s”, they had a lot of old time hippies who never gave that vibe up. They also get a new younger crowd who is into that as well. “You get 20s-50 year old’s they drum and do a fire. It can be described as a mini circus, or mini festival, with a very islandy feel.” Mark feels events like this fit the neighborhood perfectly.


TSL’s new hours are Wednesday- Sunday, from 6:00pm-3:00am, and Friday’s from 5:00pm-3:00am. On Fridays there is a sushi and a drink special, as well as every first ten minutes of the hour they do free drinks.  Reasonable bottle service, Grey Goose is the most expensive at $220. $185- Johnny Walker, $150- Jack Daniels. TSL hosts many birthday parties which usually ranges from 6 people -50 people. Most beers are only 6 dollars.


At TSL, they are here to accommodate. Mark’s philosophy is very simple. Put out a positive vibe and a positive experience for people, then they will come back.


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