Thurs, March 6th

Tasting at 6:30pm.   Film at 8:pm


If you love nothing more than good cinema and good wine, then our Wine & Film Series was made to order for you. We’re bringing you the best in contemporary world cinema and pairing it with some of the world’s finest wine for an unforgettable evening.
This month we’re presenting our most ambitious edition yet.  Wine tasting from some of the finest vineyards in Argentina and Chile, delicious tasting of Organic Grass-Fed beef from Uruguay and the Miami premiere of The Way of Wine, with one of the wine worlds most celebrated figures and the star of the film, Sommelier Charlie Arturaola, in attendance.


The Film



Famous sommelier Charlie Arturaola arrives at the Mendoza, Argentina, to take part in the glamorous event “Masters of Food and Wine”, after having “travelled the world on a wine bottle”, as he usually says. Once in the event and before his tasting, between glamour, stress and marketing something unusual happens: he loses his palate. Charlie needs to recover it and fast. In the search of a solution for his problem, he has decisive encounters with the most important people of the wine world, like Michel Rolland, who thinks that he has to “wash” his palate with the best wines of the region.

Charlie starts a journey from huge wineries through small vineyards and wine harvest’s processions getting closer with the people of the villages who work the vine. Realizing the failure of the advice, his journey becomes a return, getting away from that glamorous world where he thinks he belongs. It turns into a new journey towards his essence, his loved ones, his pains and real ghosts.

“The ways of the wine” oscillates with cruelty between comedy and the true drama of a man who got lost because of his desire of belonging to a world, other than his own. An official selection of the prestigous Berlin and San Sebastian Film Festival’s, The Way of the Wine is a delightful sojourn into the world of wine.

“A tasty little number about the pleasure to be found in a glass of wine.” – Hollywood Reporter
“A poignant story” – Variety
“an intriguing blend of fact and fiction…a journey through the wonderful world of wine” – Screen Daily
Famed Argentine winery Bodega Norton will take us on a journey through their varied wines.  With 5 vineyards spread over the main terroirs of the province of Mendoza – all of them within a privileged zone known as the First Zone for the quality of its grapes – Bodega Norton has the best grapes for the production of quality wines.

With 85 years in the wine business and recognized around the world for their exceptional wines, the Bianchi family has been a pioneer in the Argentine wine development and their wine is exported to more than 40 countries around the globe.  Today, the fourth generation of the Bianchi family is the heir to the founder’s legacy to the art of creating wines. An art that grows and is enriched from generation to generation.

The word ‘Amplus’ comes from Latin for important, sophisticated, distinguished, and honorable. This line of fine wines from Chile represents the union of tradition and distinction of its Italian ancestors with the innovation of new times. These are modern wines with tremendous complexity and elegance, with whites that feature all the potential of the new Leyda Valley and reds with the tradition of Peumo in the Cachapoal Valley.
Enjoy a varied pairing of fine wines from Argentina and Chile and Organic Uruguayan beef under the stars in O Cinema’s courtyard before the Miami premiere of The Way of the Wine.

Our friends at Gaucho Ranch will offer up a delicious sampling of their 100% natural grass fed beef which is free of antibiotics, hormones and grains.
This beef hails from the South American Pampas of Uruguay. Gaucho Ranch cattle roam the grasslands and graze on all natural pastures as much as they need and live in a stress free environment on a 100 year old family owned farm where Gauchos are still the traditional caretakers of the animals.  The beef will be prepared on-site on a charcoal grill by Grill Master Javier Costa Alsina.

Menu will include tasting of:

Organic Pork Sausages
Organic Grass-Fed Ribeye Steaks
Organic Grass Fed Flap meat
Organic Grass Fed Picanha
Mignones artisanal breads
Celebrated Sommelier Charlie Arturaola in person!
Sommelier Charlie Arturaola is legendary in culinary and oenological circles. A charismatic wine expert, Charlie approaches his life’s passion with expert knowledge and contagious enthusiasm. His unique presentations are enjoyed around the world where he is one of the most highly sought after educators and sommeliers in the fine wine world and is recipient of the 2012 Spirit & Wine Communicator of the Year award.
Arturaola is the president of the Miami based Grappolo Blu Inc. where he lectures, conducts educational tastings, acts as an expert appraiser for insurance companies, consults with foreign importers, and mentors new members of the wine community. His fluency in five languages has taken him from Brazil to Bordeaux and from Montefalco to Patagonia, allowing him to deliver his passion for wine in Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and English.

 Charlie has been a featured sommelier and educator at many of the greatest wine festivals: Food & Wine Magazine’s Aspen Food & Wine Classic, The New York Wine Expo, Masters of Food and Wine in Mendoza and Buenos Aires, The Boston Wine Expo, Masters of Food & Wine in Carmel, and the Jackson Hole Wine Auction. He’s also presided at trade events, and conducted seminars at Fenavin, Albacete University, and Enologia 32.    Charlie has been named Chevalier by the Ordre des Coteaux des Champagnes, a Distinguished Visiting Sommelier at Johnson & Wales University in Miami and adjunct professor for the school of hospitality at Lynn University.


Tuesday, Feb 25th @ 7pm
An Evening of Alan Watts
The Animated Alan Watts:
Is an animated reel featuring vintage and contemporary animations of the spoken words of Alan Watts. This 23 minute film extracts from the groundbreaking 1972 series “The Fine Art of Goofing Off” as well as a couple of animations produced by the creators and animators of South Park. The reel has been met with joyous laughter and standing ovations at recent film showings, and is not to be missed!
Why Not Now? with Alan Watts
Alan Watts, who died in 1973, helped explain Eastern philosophy and approaches to life and being in a way that Westerners can understand. Alan Watts was profoundly influenced by the East Indian philosophies of Vedanta and Buddhism, and by Taoist thought, which is reflected in Zen poetry and the arts of China and Japan. After leaving the Church, he never became a member of another organized religion, and although he wrote and spoke extensively about Zen Buddhism, he was criticized by American Buddhist practitioners for not sitting regularly in zazen. Alan Watts responded simply by saying, “A cat sits until it is done sitting, and then gets up, stretches, and walks away.” The documentary film on the life and works of Alan Watts began conceptually as a shared storytelling in which the narrative would support Alan’s own telling of his story. However, during development it became apparent that most of the story could be told through Alan’s own words, particularly when supported by the wealth of original media that had been uncovered including video, film, and photos. The entire process took about eighteen months after the initial video restoration, and in the end the filmmakers were delighted to discover how much of the story was “in the can” once the puzzle pieces came together. To this wasadded contemporary footage of Japan and Big Sur, music, animation by Eddie Rosas of Alan as a young man, and a fly-through of woodcut prints by Tom Killion brought to life by special effects artist Bruce Walters. The film was initially titled “Being in the Way” but with the new approach the title was changed to “Why Not Now!”, drawn from an LP on the art of contemplation recorded by Alan in 1968.
Tues, Feb 25th @7pm
Wednesday, Feb 26th @ 8pm
O Cinema & Popcorn Nights are proud to present the 1982 comic book movie classic “Swamp Thing”, directed by Wes Craven. The screening will be followed by a live Skype Q&A with make-up & creature artist Bill Munns (Swamp Thing, Return of the Living Dead, Beastmaster).

 In the swamps of Louisiana, Dr. Alec Holland works with his sister Linda on a top-secret bio-engineering project to create a plant/animal hybrid capable of thriving in extreme environments. Government agent Alice Cable arrives just as Holland makes a major breakthrough, and begins to develop feelings for him. However, a paramilitary group led by the evil Dr. Anton Arcane, who is obsessed with immortality, kills Linda while trying to steal the formula for their own purposes. During the attack, Alice escapes and Alec is covered in chemicals, caught on fire, and runs screaming in the swamp, presumably to die. However, he returns as a monstrously mutated plant creature. As the Swamp Thing, Holland battles Arcane’s forces to protect Cable, and eventually takes on the mad doctor himself, who has also mutated from his incomplete understanding of the Holland formula.

Wed, Feb 26th @ 8pm