Zoel and the Creation of the Wynwood Tour Guide App!

Article by Ashley Pineiro

The Daily Wood had the opportunity to meet with Zoel, creator of the Wynwood Tour Guide App. Zoel was born in Argentina, after living in New York, she finally made her rounds and came to Miami. Upon coming to Miami, she never felt she could really fit in here, that was until she came to Wynwood and experienced Art Walk, completely falling in love with the neighborhood.

Zoel @ wynwood walls May 12th(edin chavez)[1]

In 2010, Zoel was the first DJ to perform at Wynwood Walls, during the biggest night of Art Basel and for the late Tony Goldman. She loved the vibe, the people and energy of the neighborhood. She has performed at the Wynwood Walls every second Saturday Art Walk since then. Last Art Walk, The Daily Wood caught this video of her DJing at the Walls.

The driving force behind the Wynwood Tour Guide App, after getting together with her good friend David McCauley, founder of Rise-up gallery, was David had explained to Zoel, that he had many people coming to his gallery asking about certain artists and where their murals were located.

“They would come in and ask him, ‘Where’s the Retna Mural?  Wheres the Chorboogie mural?’ we started thinking… why don’t we create an App that has all of the murals in Wynwood by Geo-location, with the biographies of the artists that paint the murals in the App. Not only because this neighborhood is beautiful but also to educate people that this is the biggest outdoor art museum in the world. That was the concept when we created this App.”


It took three weeks to document the murals, and she took about 4,000 pictures, there’s a lot of murals that changed during Art Basel, so they were updating constantly. Since David has a gallery here and Zoel spends most of her time in Wynwood, it is done by locals. She explained, “This is not done by some random company that wanted to do an App about Wynwood, for months; I ate, breathed, sweated, and dreamt; Wynwood. And we completed it and launched it right before Art Basel this year.”



However, they realized that if they do the murals it would be necessary to add the restaurants, stores, and galleries because that is a part of the neighborhood as well. The drive behind it was not only to bring tourists to experience the neighborhood but also for the local people who don’t know where anything is. The goal is for people to not be afraid to come to the neighborhood, just press on the map which restaurant or gallery. You can do individual searches or combine it together. You can spend the whole day in Wynwood, have breakfast here, walk around, go to Wynwood Kitchen and Bar, then you go and continue exploring because its a big neighborhood. They added some new features recently to the App as well, there is now an Events tab, they added the Graffiti tab and they’re already thinking of other things to create for the App.


Download the Wynwood Tour Guide App in the AppStore and come explore Wynwood!

For more information about Zoel, you can visit her website: www.zoel.com or view her instagram: @zoelmusic