An inside look at Wynwood Cafe’s New Location!

Article and Photos by Ashley Pineiro

The Wynwood Cafe is thrilled to be opening at their new location at the Wynwood Warehouse Project! Located at 450 NW 27th street in Wynwood! Owner Danilo Gonzalez, manages the Wynwood Cafe and the Danilo Gonzalez Gallery and has many ideas in store for the future of his business and Wynwood.




Upon opening in Wynwood last summer, he was shocked to learn that people couldn’t believe that they were able to get a cappuccino for two dollars, and a sandwich for three dollars, business has increased for him because they found this new location. They also offer salads as well and delicious smoothies! He decided to move locations because of some leasing issues, he felt it was his own fault because he signed a lease that wasn’t good for him and he now understands his mistake.


He hopes to start a Sunday brunch for the employees of the Wynwood neighborhood, where people can exchange ideas and meet each other because he feels it is crucial that the local building owners and businesses act smart. We can continue to act smart by meeting up with the businesses regularly to insure artists are always welcome and have affordable living spaces and studios in Wynwood. He used David Lombardi’s property, the Wynwood Lofts located (250 NW 23rd street) as an example, and feels he was one of the first people to make that leap, along with the late Tony Goldman.


Danilo’s goal is to do something similar as David Lombardi’s Wynwood Lofts, with the Wynwood Warehouse Project, to give spaces for the artists to work, for affordable rent prices. He feels that this is what will keep Wynwood’s culture alive, by keeping these artists here. He wants to eventually own many places in Wynwood, so the artist’s can be based all over the neighborhood. For example, “A building of studios for the sculptors, a building for the painters, one for the photographers…we have many ideas.” Danilo says.

Danilo and the Wynwood Cafe staff invite you to come check out their new location! Last Art Walk, February 8 was a preview opening, the grand opening is this month’s Art Walk on March 8th! They encourage you to come down and celebrate with them!


For more information about the Wynwood Cafe, please visit: The Art Place Wynwood