Ricart Gallery of Wynwood!

Article by Ashley Pineiro

Ricart Gallery, owned by Martial Ricart, opened at it’s Wynwood location in 2013, just before Art Basel. Previously located in the Design District, it is now located at 444 NE 28th street. The Daily Wood had the opportunity to find out why they moved, and what gallery owners are looking for, when deciding on what’s a right fit for their gallery.

IMG_0760Photo by Ashley Pineiro

ASHLEY PINEIRO: What comes into play when choosing an artist for this gallery?

MARTIAL RICART: I have to like the art, get along with the artist; it’s more fun for me to set a project if I get along with the person. When you work with them, (for usually about two months before the show) you have to work with someone you appreciate. Love the people, love what they do and see if they have the talent to work in the long term. They also need to be part of the vision of the gallery. The work in the gallery has to be complementary to each other.


Martial explained, that after 6 or 7 years of working in the art industry in Miami, he is aiming to have art in his gallery that will please the Miami market. An artist that Martial was previously representing, for example, was heavily inspired by Francis Bacon. Martial became aware, that the people who were entering the gallery felt the work was too dark. “Miami people like color; Pop-Art Style. The artist I was previously representing, was selling very well in Berlin, Germany, they have a very different taste there. That isn’t the clientele in Miami. So many tourists from all around the world expect different things when they come here, you have to combine all these points and that is how you find the right artist.”


AP: Why did you re locate to Wynwood?

MR: I chose to relocate to Wynwood because it’s very, very, exciting to be in a big city and be part of a new district evolving. It’s very exciting. Right now, the Design District, Midtown and Wynwood, has the fitting to be in the city while being an underground scene, with artists and everything. Before, it was only South Beach. Alot of the”bling, bling” of South Beach, which I felt was not a big deal–to me it did not feel like a real city.

Ricart Gallery currently is featuring works from their last exhibition, from 2013 Art Basel, “To Set Fire in the Heart of the World”, works from artist Carlito Dalceggio, to name one. As well as pieces from their latest exhibition, that was held February 8th, “Curiosity Killed the Cat” showcasing the works of photographer Tiziano Magni, who is known for photographing of many world re recognized models, such as Kate Moss. As well as photographer Carter B. Smith. Their hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday, from 10-6, closed on Sunday and Monday. For more information about Ricart Gallery, please visit http://www.ricartgallerymiami.com/.