Ascaso Gallery in Wynwood!

Article by Ashley Pineiro

Ascaso Gallery in Wynwood, located 2441 NW 2nd Ave, has been open since December 2010. Antonio Ascaso, has been interested in art since the early 80’s. He and his partner, Elias Sultan, believe that Wynwood has become the art epicenter in Miami.

i-D Antonio Ascaso, James Mathison, Cornelis Zitman y Elias Sult

When asked Why Wynwood? They simply replied:

“It seemed like a natural selection for an art gallery. Miami has been growing in population and there are so many cultures, with our geographical location, the cultural boom the city is experiencing makes it the proper location and Wynwood has been leading the way for the past few years.” Elias explains.

Ascaso Gallery’s last event was spectacular. They had a Cuban artist’s works on exhibition, Julio Larraz. The art was a great presentation, there were a lot of people in the exhibit. The opening was excellent, they felt very pleased to have his work here and representing the gallery. Julio Larraz is a world recognized artist.

For the future, this gallery will continue doing their work. They love being in the area and being able to share the experiences with other galleries who have been in Wynwood longer than they have. For them, to be able to contribute is very rewarding. They feel that the viewers input plays a large roll in managing their gallery.

In Miami, the city is growing. Artists bring a very important role of culture and music. Paintings, sculptures artistic expressions, all provides sensibility for the community that can only be communicated through these mediums. Elias believes that it is extremely important because society is evolving.

DSC_0069 (3)
“We see issues happening around the world, wars and all of that. We need to awaken sensibility, we are able to be the intermediary for the society. A movement that is an awakening of our people and their points of view. The artist needs to aim to make us think a little bit further from our ego and our own self.”

March 22nd, at 7pm, Ascaso Gallery will be exhibiting works by Jimenez Deredia, a Costa Rican born artist living in Italy. He creates sculptures and also has done presentations around the world. Deredia has even done sculptures and exhibits for the Colosseum in Rome.

The hours of Ascaso Gallery are 10am-6pm, Tuesday – Saturday with an exception of Art Walk, they open from 5pm-10pm. People can contact the gallery if those hours don’t fit in their schedule, they are happy to make an appointment! Be sure to stop by Ascaso Gallery!

For more information about Ascaso Gallery, please visit: