Curator’s Voice Art Projects in Wynwood!

Article and Photos by Ashley Pineiro

Milagros Bello, is the owner of Curator’s Voice Gallery, located at 299 NW 25th Street. Their hours are from 10am-6pm.


Bello, was previously living in Venezuela, then moved and studied in Paris and got her PHD and a Doctorate degree in Sociology of Art. After, she moved back to Venezuela to teach at a university and develop her career as an art critic, curator and professor. Finally, she moved to Miami in 2000, to Miami to start her career.

bello1Sculpture by artist Pepe Calderin. He stacks computer elements to resemble high-rise buildings, on display at Curator’s Voice Gallery!

Bello started this project as a curator. She opened a space to curate her shows, and in result started to realize the difference between her gallery and other galleries. Most of the other galleries are art dealers who are more into the commercial side of art. She made this gallery with two purposes: One, was to voice out the new tendencies of the emerging artist and the mid career artists. The second reason, was so that she could have a place to have a dialog between modern and post modern art from different genres and mediums. “What I do is contropose many expressions of art in here, but my focus is to curate a show with concept to create a visual line that connects all of the art work.”

Milagros believes, that the community of Miami will become more educated if they could see a landscape or figurative painting in one area and then, across the room, you can find an installation with that same extreme expression. She chose Wynwood because she believes it is the now and the future of art in Miami. All of the galleries are here. Wynwood is a good expectation for anyone in the United States to visit, and around the world. “People just look in the magazines, go to , Google, and they discover.” She says.

The art inside Curator’s Voice Gallery focuses mainly on the controversial topics of today. Milagros truly does an outstanding job of bridging the gap between the artist and the community. She believes, that in today’s society, the artist must be led by the freedom of spirit. “Some people call it post modern art, post pop; there are many labels. The important thing, is that the artist is using new materials and has inspiration to sustain a freedom of their spirit -whether it is sociological, political, mystical. Whatever issues they choose, they are completely free. They use collected objects, create installations — the freedom of the spirit most important.


Curator’s Voice is also the only gallery in Wynwood that is open every Saturday. Milagros also holds different events every Saturday. Second Saturday, she holds an Art Talk, she moderates conversations between the artists and the viewers. Some artists come in and hold lectures about their work. This coming Saturday, there will be a lecture about an artist who lives in Ecuador, Sarah Friedman, and she will give a lecture about migrating identities. This is a very important moment for the community of Miami, because they can attend a lecture of the artist and be focused on learning about the art.

For more information about Curator’s Voice Art Gallery, please visit