Miam Cafe and Boutique Opening Soon in Wynwood!


Article and Photos by Ashley Pineiro


The Daily Wood, had the opportunity to meet with Alexis Jacot, owner of the highly anticipated Miam Cafe and Boutique, that is soon to be opening in the Wynwood Building, located at 2750 NW 3rd Avenue, Suite 21. Originally from the French-speaking side of Switzerland, Alexis and his wife, decided to locate here about a year and a half ago, hoping for an experience abroad in Miami. Miam Cafe and Boutique’s name, comes from the French word: “Miam” which means “Yum” in French. Since the word is one letter short of “Miami”, he felt this was the perfect name for his cafe. With a strong background in Hospitality Management, and an open space in the Wynwood Building, he knew this is where he needed to be. He explained:

“It stood out from the rest of the city, the neighborhood is very dynamic, there’s new restaurants shops and galleries opening everywhere, especially in this building. The Wynwood building is so iconic, and when I saw there was a space for a restaurant or cafe, I had to grab at the chance.”

What will set this cafe apart from the other restaurants in Wynwood, is that he will make everything from scratch, everything will be organic or local. They will have a fresh and simple menu; breakfast sandwiches, granola or pastries for breakfast. For lunch, we will have salads, soups, sandwiches and specials. The price range for a meal will be between $8 and $15 dollars, salads will be around $8 or $12 dollars. There will be small bites and appetizers, wines, and bruschetta.

The inside of the restaurant will look industrial, with a concrete floor, white walls, maybe a mural and wooden counter top. Service will be at the counter and they will bring the food to the table. There will be a terrace and (hopefully) outside seating. The hours of operation are planned to be from breakfast to after work, 8am-6pm or 8am-10pm on weekends.


Miam Cafe and Boutique’s grand opening is planned for the beginning of May. For the far future, once opened, he hopes to make Miam Cafe and Boutique a place people can gather to enjoy the building. Alexis feels there is not much to do in the building yet, so he wants to work with the galleries and businesses in the building and area to have events and concerts.
They want to make this building come alive, they invite you come to their cafe and to discover what’s inside!