Mafia-like moves in attempt to grab money from craft brewers

bsjau.Em.56There is a bill moving through the Florida Senate that will force craft breweries to sell their own beer that THEY make to a distributor, then buy it back from them at a marked up price to be able to serve it in their own tap room. This is an outrage and something that needs to be lobbied against and stopped before it gets approved. Luis G. Brignoni of the Wynwood Brewery has said the following,“the bill’s economic impact in South Florida would be particularly noticeable because of the growing number of breweries in the region and ones about to open.” Check out the article the Miami Herald wrote on this in the link below and let us know your thoughts. As a community, I hope we can come together and help fight against this “racketeering”. Click here to be redirected to the Miami Herald Article.